eCow rebuilding

In 2021 during the pandemic I sold the IP of eCow to an ambitious start-up company. Unfortunately that company has not been able to achieve the breakthrough that they wanted and under the terms of the deal the rights to the IP revert to me Toby Mottram the inventor of the technology.

I will now review the state of the technology and spend some time ensuring that customers needs are well catered for. I will focus on longevity and extra sensing modes. This will take time and there will be announcements in due course.

The last batch of the Mk2 boluses was built in January 2020.

last production run of the Mk2 resin moulded boluses hanging to cure

In 2007 I patented a rumen telemetry bolus to measure pH remotely inside a cow. Our main customers for this technology were research scientists around the world. To keep the bolus as small as possible we encapsulated the electronics in polyester resin. To seal the outside of the possibly porous resin we dipped the bolus in a clear resin which sealed the outside. We hung the boluses on a frame so that the resin did not block the entry holes to the sensor which needed to form a liquid junction. We ceased production in spring 2020 when the market collapsed because covid stopped the researchers working together with large animals.